About Us

TASS ENTERPRISE is a Hertfordshire – based operation specialising in providing supply-chain services on a national and international scale. We deliver worldwide for both commercial and premium brands, however large or small.

Handling your own logistics can be a headache but our flexible warehousing and distribution packages are designed to fit your unique requirements.

We provide a complete goods-in, storage, pick, pack, dispatch & returns service for all businesses, delivering simple or complex end-to-end transport and storage solutions, locally and worldwide.

We regard ourselves as an extension of your business, so we do whatever it takes to deliver.

  • E-commerce
  • Retail

  • Fashion Houses
  • Transport

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive

  • Manufacturing
  • Print

Whatever your needs we can assist you and grow with you, as you grow.

The Hub

The TASS Hub


We specialise in Pallet storage with the majority of our secure Warehouse racked out with spacings for the following pallets;

Standard Pallet

L120cm x W100cm x H120cm

Euro Pallet

L100cm x W80cm x H120cm

Printers Pallet

Sizes vary but dimensions are less than that of a Euro pallet

We do accept larger pallets that exceed the dimensions of a Standard Pallet, these are classed as an S2. We also have our own onsite forklift for larger pallet deliveries. We are happy to store your pallets for as long as you need, charges are made for only the days you have them stored with us.

We know how hard it is to oversee the constant comings and goings of stock and surplus; where to put it and for how long? What we can promise you is the right storage space to store and manage your goods and products.

We can arrange storage for a wide range of items including pallets, excess stock, clothing, stationery and office equipment and much more.

Flexible and Affordable

We provide a range of flexible, affordable, managed storage solutions taking care of the smallest consignment to handling an inventory of stock, for as long as needed.

TASS Enterprise

How much space do I need?

We offer a wide range of storage solutions in our fully managed warehouse. Tell us what you have to store and we will work out the most cost effective solution for you.

We can also arrange for collection and delivery of your stock. We are more than happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your storage requirements and to show you around our premises.

We are a Friendly Team, who go the extra mile giving peace of mind knowing your stock is safe and secure.

Who we have worked with . . .

Just some of the companies we have helped

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Wayfair
  • ASOS
  • Inc Direct
  • Exterion Media
  • River Island
  • Transport For London
  • Greenwash
  • Mobilane
  • Jeepers Peepers
  • Blooming Weather

  • Topman
  • Adam and Eve Distribution
  • Supplefeet
  • Limes and Vines
  • Floralbox
  • Cockerel Entertainment
  • Mobilane
  • Wizzard
  • Wine 2 Trade
  • Aldridge Glass

  • Muscle Warriors
  • Gen 42
  • Energy At Work
  • Arrow Forwarding
  • Regaltags
  • Live Pictures
  • Scratchshield
  • Bertie and Bella’s
  • Zalando
  • The Perfect Smile Studio LTD

  • Print Group
  • SPX Rail Systems
  • Silversheaf
  • Colin and Ryan
  • Pearson Games
  • Ritesim
  • James Stickley


We are very aware at TASS that we are fulfilling your promises to a consumer, whether it be next day deliveries or enhanced product presentation. What do you want your customers online experience to look and feel like?

Fast delivery and an easy returns process?

We can give you plenty of options and draw up Standard Operating Procedures with you, that will give you confidence we know how to make your business look the best, and grow in the future. B2C is a highly competitive space and the value from a retained customer is key to building a successful web site. If you put your trust in TASS, you’ll be putting your trust in an operation that is doing this already.

How it works

Fulfilment - How is works

TASS Enterprise

Our trained TASS team can pick, pack and dispatch your orders for you and provide all packing materials required or alternatively we can use packing materials provided by you.

In addition we also undertake specific labelling and packaging instructions to meet your customers’ requirements. We can also gift pack/wrap according to your specific instruction.

We have an on-line bespoke stock system that enables our clients to access their stock holding and the ability to place orders


You’ve probably had a lot of sleepless nights thinking about your products and designs, so you can’t fail at the last hurdle. That is a big part of the job for us and one that is at the heart of what we want to do. Nothing can be more important for us than what you think and how best to make your business grow.

So, from having your own Account Handler to having online visibility of the operation, TASS looks to be your long-term partner. TASS doesn’t only do this in the UK or Europe, if you have global customers, we can be there to aid your international reach. In addition to our UK operation, if you need Asia or US distribution, we can manage this for you, without shipping stock to Europe, then back again whilst double paying freight and duties in the process. TASS can think global and act local.

TASS Enterprise

3 Way Collection Service

We can collect a consignment (parcel/letter/box) on your behalf from anywhere and get it delivered elsewhere, back to you or back to us, using our couriers and other services.

TASS integrate directly with multiple carriers and offer a wide range of shipping services throughout the UK and to other countries worldwide.

We have our own fleet of FORs registered vehicles to send any box/pallet/item for our clients.


Same Day Delivery

If you need to get a delivery or collection organised quickly please contact our customer support team. Offering: Same Day – Next Day – Economy – Weekend and Timed services and deliveries.

When you need a courier service that you can depend on to handle your on-demand transport requirements, either as a complete fulfilment service or to support your own operations with ad-hoc or scheduled couriers, TASS are ready.

We pride ourselves on a reputation for first-rate service and dynamic support. We are able to offer our clients in their operational requirements. Our ability to deliver is not just about vehicles out on the road, it comes from years of experience providing a dedicated team of professionals to work alongside operations and transport managers in all kinds of businesses.

We realise the need for a rapid response to the ever-changing demands of business,and we are here to help when you need us.


TASS Enterprise


Request a quick quote from our team via this contact form.
Alternatively call us on 01992 511051 or 01992 472672.


TASS Enterprise

Unit 21, Merchant Drive
Mead Lane
SG13 7AY

Direct Phone: 01992 472672
Email: sales@tasshertford.co.uk