Fulfilment takes time and can also be costly as your eCommerce business starts to grow. Your orders are increasing but so are your worries and headaches. You need more staff and larger premises, but what if there is a downturn? Your costs will remain the same even if the orders suddenly dry up. Maybe your business is seasonal. You can cope fine for 8 months of the year but the other four are out of control.

If you are not used to fulfilling large amounts of orders mistakes can easily creep in, leaving you with disappointed customers and even more work rectifying the initial errors. So, you decide to outsource your fulfilment needs to a distribution centre in order to combat these problems. What should you be looking out for when choosing who to entrust your business with? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

  • Visit the Distribution Centre – Make sure you take the time to go and see for yourself where your orders will be dispatched from. You will be able to make a better judgement on how efficiently orders are being processed by seeing it first-hand.
  • Location – Is the distribution centres location convenient to your business? Do their transport links meet your requirements?
  • Ask about warehouse management – How easy is it for you to access the system to check stock levels and enter new orders?
  • Multi-channel dispatch – Can you choose between carriers? You may want some goods sent via Royal Mail, others by courier. Choice is important.

Use the above tips to choose who is going to handle your order fulfilment and you will be on the right track.

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