SEC Group specialises in interior office fit outs, warehouse storage, pallet racking systems, shelving & office refurbishment services. The Hertfordshire-based company delivers solutions that enhance business operations, improve productivity and maximise interior space.

While SEC Group focuses on providing the best solution for your working space, they are also extremely dedicated to warehouse safety. That’s why they’ve put together “28 Top Tips for Safety in your Warehouse”. From vehicles to staff training, route plans and racking or storage systems, it is important that a high level of safety is maintained in your warehouse. Not only will it help prevent accidents happening, but SEC Group genuinely believe that a safe warehouse is a more productive and efficient warehouse to work in.

Their “28 Top Tips for Safety in your Warehouse” covers everything from preventing slips and trips, using materials handling equipment for heavy loads, to the all important Personal protective equipment.

warehouse storage and pallet racking systems
Thank you to SEC Group for this guest blog.