TASS was established in 2007 in a converted 3,000 square feet barn. It was a fairly basic, not easily accessible facility yet despite this we started to attract a steady supply of business customers looking for cost-effective, reliable storage and distribution. As word of mouth spread about our excellent customer service we started to gain more and more clients and it soon became obvious that there was a huge demand for our service.

After three years in our converted barn we took the daunting decision to move to a 10,000 sq ft facility in Hertford. It was a derelict warehouse and we invested a considerable amount of money in installing racking, a packing room and offices. We now have a first-class, secure warehouse in a central location with excellent access.


This expansion was not only a fantastic move for TASS but without exception all our SME clients have grown with us. As the popularity of e-commerce grows many businesses start in back bedrooms with garages used for storage. As the business takes off we are the next step in that progression – they want to grow their client base but have outgrown the garage and need somewhere safe, secure and cost-effective to store their goods. We not only free up valuable space but also valuable time – business owners do not want to be tied down waiting for deliveries and couriers when they could be concentrating on their core business. By using us they don’t have to.