A great example of how our outstanding customer service has helped both our customers and ourselves grow is Jeepers Peepers – our very first client. A sunglass distributor, Hamilton Remes first approached us wanting to store four pallets of goods. Initially he picked and packed his own stock but then asked if we would do it for him.  We agreed to give it a try and we have subsequently picked and packed 190,000 sunglasses for River Island alone and the company also supplies ASOS and Selfridges. Hamilton leaves it all to us and is so comfortable with the service we provide (which has developed into one of our key services) we now only see him two or three times a year!

“I genuinely credit TASS with helping me grow my business. When we first worked together I supplied a few boutiques, now I’m supplying some of the biggest fashion retailers in the business and TASS has been a constant and significant factor in this growth,” he says.

For many SMEs handing over their “baby” is very difficult.  One client, Wizard Products Ltd started with four pallets and now stores 22 with us. Owner Ian Wilkinson says: “As a small business it’s very difficult “letting go” however when we decided that we needed to outsource our warehousing, choosing you was the easy part. You were recommended to us (always the best form of advertising), your friendly, relaxed and accommodating approach put us at ease and gave us the confidence we needed to make the right choice. Since then we haven’t looked back, your team are always helpful and friendly, we see TASS as an asset to our business and part of our team, a team member we know we can rely on.”

A new client recently came to us with absolutely no experience of distribution.  We were able to offer advice about packing goods, how to store items properly and the best way for him to transport his merchandise. Despite our expansion we are still small enough to care about every individual client and we genuinely try and understand what they are going though and how best we can help them.